The QuoromLabs onQ appliance provides simplified business continuity and disaster recovery for enterprise and SMB organizations.  Capabilities include: 

  • Ultra-efficient Incremental Updates—RPO as low as 15 minutes
    — Incremental Forever: after the initial full image is made at installation, onQ only transfers one copy of any changes since the last interval.
    —Just the Changes: onQ detects not only which files have changed, but which parts of the files have changed so when that multi-gigabyte database has one record change, only that record is copies to the appliance, not the entire file.
    —Deduplication: onQ only sends the parts of files that don't already exist on any other server being protected.  That means that if the same "chunk" exists on any server protected by the appliance, it doesn't need to be sent.

  • One-Click Recovery
    —Current Forever: each ultra-efficient update is merged into the virtual machine recovery nodes, which are full current images. 
    —Ready-to-Run:  the onQ appliance continuously builds the virtual recovery nodes, allowing one-click recovery at any time. 
    —Point-in-Time Recovery: even though changes are merged into the ready-to-run recovery node, you can restore files or an entire system to a prior state.

  • Server Monitoring:  Xdata Corporation configures the onQ appliance to  continuously check the health of your servers, sending an alert if any service interruption is detected.

  • Site-to-Site Replication:  All changes can be compressed, encrypted, and synchronized with a remote appliance in a Transcend United data center or at one of your secondary locations.. You get instant remote recovery for complete disaster protection.

  • Redundant storage: The onQ appliance provides hot-swap protection from any single-disk failure, and with a remote onQ appliance, you‘ll have additional protection.

  • Network Storage Support: you can use standard IP network storage to extend or replace the storage already integrated into the onQ appliance.

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